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# Description Progress Informations
1 Definition of the vector boson scattering signal for the phenomenological studies and data analyses within the first two years of the action delivered arXiv:1812.09740, arXiv:1901.04060
2 Calculation of the Standard Model VBS process with NLO precision in QCD and EWK calculations. delivered The full calculation has been performed for two exemplary cases, making the tools for the calculation available to the scientific community: Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 261801 arXiv:1803.07943 arXiv:1904.00882
3 Development of effective field theory parameterisations with NLO precision in QCD and EWK calculations. ongoing Several groups provide the possibility to include EFT in VBS processes supplemented by NLO QCD corrections. The inclusion of EW corrections in the EFT framework is at sight, but it involves significant challenges to be tackled. A timeline of one or few years seems realistic.
4 Determination of a standard reference for effective field theory parameterisation, to be used in all VBS studies and analyses within the first two years of the Action. delivered 1709.06492 1801.04203
5 Definition of the most significant observables at hadron colliders, to isolate with maximal significance the VBS topology, and to maximise sensitivity to physics beyond the Standard Model. ongoing ATLAS and CMS collaborations have published recently results for which they used significant observables, and more publications with the full Run2 dataset are expected by next year, with more discriminative variables used. The Action will sumamrise these results in a single collection of relevant variables, comparing their effect in phenomenological studies and in the data analysis of the two experimental Collaborations.
6 Definition of reference guidelines for the coherent combination of analysis results in different VBS studies (different experiments, different final states) within the first two years of the Action delivered After a topical workshop held on March 5,6 2019 (link), the first guidelines have been agreed among interested parties and documented in a twiki page (restricted to the VBSCan community: link), a working group defined through a mailing list (vbscan-combination@cern.ch), GitLab repositories for the combination activities have been setup (restricted to the VBSCan community: ancofit, d6fit). The access to the resources is granted upon request to all interested players, and will be made public after results publication.
7 Definition of guidelines, from phenomenological studies, to be used as reference in the development of data analysis procedures ongoing Recent published VBS analyses ( arXiv:1812.09740, arXiv:1901.04060) follow guidelines, in the results presentation, developed with the Action. The interplay between the experimental and phenomenology communities will bring to a final definition of guidelines by the end of the Action.
8 Study of particle reconstruction and identification algorithms dedicated to the VBS final state objects and topology. ongoing Large progresses achieved during a topical meeting in October 2018 (here). These studies are intertwined with the progress in the understanding of the process from the phenomenological point of view (also in the non-perturbative part of the calculation) which are not fully finalised, therefore the completion of this deliverable will come afterwards.
9 Implementation of the data analysis with the datasets collected by experiments at hadron colliders. ongoing For several final states the experimental collaboration published preliminary results, the final publications with the entire LHC dataset collected by ATLAS and CMS are expected by the end of 2020.
10 Statistical combination of the results obtained by the data analyses and their interpretation in the frame of models of new physics. ongoing The status on the matter was made on a topic workshop jointly organised by MG2 and WG3, at this link the agenda of the talks is available. The activity is continuing, see for example this other meeting link
11 Design and deployment of the Action Website, including the databases for the outreach material and the internal documentation delivered VBSCan website
12 Organisation of the scientific kick-off event of the Action, the yearly workshops, the Mid-Term Scientific Meeting and the Final Conference ongoing The activities of the Action are proceeding as planned. The kickoff meeting happened, as can be seen from its website, as well as the second yearly workshop (website), additional mid-term workshops (website, website). The Mid-Term Scientific Meeting will happen in July 2019 (website). Future meetings are already in the WG3 budget plan, and the WG4 budget plan is being discussed by the MC. The Final Conference organisation is also being discussed right now.
13 Preparation, organisation and advertising of the training schools foreseen by the Action. ongoing The training plan of the Action follows the evolution of the works, starting from an introductory training, and evolving with more advanced subjects. The first school targeted a wide audience and successfully trained both Action members and not, with a large fraction of female young scientists and an outstanding panel of trainers. The website of the school, containing all the training material, can be found at this link. The school took place in Maratea, Italy. The following training event addressed specifically VBSCan members, with training on the knowledge and tools developed and used within the action. The website of the event, containing all the training material, can be found at this link. The training event took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The next training event will be an advanced school, organised in collaboration with the ParticleFace COST Action, on subjects that will enable VBSCan participants to improve knowledge and tools for physics processes theory calculation and analysis performances. A series of meetings started last September, and brought to the program of the school and the definition of the trainers panel, which is being invited right now. The event will take place during the fist two weeks of March at the DESY laboratories, in Hamburg, Germany.
14 Design, development, deployment and maintenance of the careers platform, to promote Early Stage Researchers careers. ongoing Job offers in the academic sector, pertaining to the matters of VBSCan, are regularly announced in the general VBSCan mailing list. Given the quick evolution of the job market, this resulted to be the most effective way to share the information with the Action participants. The job page can be found at this link, which is under evolution now. A survey of career advice amongst the senior members of the action is planned.
15 Outreach activities promotion: preparation and collection of reference outreach material, organisation of outreach events, and consequent actions to ensure regular time frequency. A yearly review of the management committee will follow the accomplishment of the deliverable ongoing The reports from the outreach events organised by VBSCan together with the Action wrokshops ca be found at this webpage.
16 Action Handbook: collection of the publications and materials produced by the working groups into a single coherent report ongoing For each yearly workshop, VBSCan collects the status of the activities in a report that is then published on Open journals. The fist report is published (arXiv:1801.04203), while the second one is being submitted. The final collection of all the Action papers will happen at a later stage.
17 Inclusiveness monitor: setting inclusiveness targets and constant verification of their achievement, deploying measures to ensure their success. A yearly review of the management committee will follow the accomplishment of the deliverable. delivered The progress of the inclusiveness measures are regularly monitored during the Action meetings (Feb 2018, June 2018, Feb 2019)
18 Review of the status of the art in theory, experiments and statistics pertaining the VBS analysis, or of interest for future developments. delivered 1801.04203 arXiv:1803.07943